Sale Date Day Time Description Vehicles  
2194 13/12/2019 Friday 18:00 Main agent part exchange. Private and Trade vehicles under £3000. 55 View
2195 18/12/2019 Wednesday 11:00 Last Wednesday Sale Before Christmas 74 View
2196 20/12/2019 Friday 18:00 Last Sale Before Christmas 41 View
2197 25/12/2019 Wednesday 11:00 NO SALE- Merry Christmas! 0 View
2198 27/12/2019 Friday 18:00 NO SALE- Merry Christmas 0 View
2199 01/01/2020 Wednesday 11:00 NO SALE- Happy New Year 0 View
2200 03/01/2020 Friday 18:00 First Sale Of 2020 Happy New Year! 0 View
0000 31/03/2020 Tuesday 01:00 Vehicles awaiting sale date. 15 View
Sale: 0000      Date: Tue, 31st March 2020    Time: 01:00    Vehicles in Sale: 15

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