Sale Date Day Time Description Vehicles  
2283T 18/01/2021 Monday 14:00 TIMED Auction Starting 11am Sat Ending 11am Monday 122 View
2284 20/01/2021 Wednesday 11:00 Online only via LIVEBID 80 View
2285 22/01/2021 Friday 18:00 Online Only Via LIVEBID 66 View
2286T 25/01/2021 Monday 14:00 Timed sale Sat 23rd Jan 2pm - Mon 25th Jan 11am 0 View
2287 27/01/2021 Wednesday 11:00 Online only via LIVEBID 14 View
0000 01/03/2021 Monday 10:30 Vehicles waiting sale allocation 2 View
Sale:      Date:    Time: 00:00    Vehicles in Sale: 0

This page allows you to view vehicles for sale at Eastbourne Car Auctions. You can view the entire sale or particular vehicles by make or model.

To view the entire sale, leave the fields blank and simply press the Search button. Otherwise type in the make and/or the model of the car you are looking for. All available models will then be presented to you.

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